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A$84 billion worth of funds 
are under management


$754 million worth of loan
applications processed


Over 15,000 tax returns 
processed per year


Over 200,000 invoices 
processed per year

Cost benefits

  • Reduce costs by 40-50% through outsourcing
  • Maximise margins and profit
  • Achieve projected growth

Scalable operating model

  • Readily available skilled staff experienced in Australian Accounting standards
  • Complete onus on resources - onboarding, training and retention
  • Grow your offshore team at short notice

Streamline operations

  • Continuous improvements driven by Lean Six Sigma techniques
  • Standardise operations through business re-engineering support
  • Standard operating procedures and metrics

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Why choose Sundaram?

Our value proposition

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Stability and

  • 100+ clients with 15+ years in the Australian market
  • Long-term clients of 10+ years
  • Business continuity planning
  • Rich lineage
  • Local presence
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Resilient, scalable operating model

  • Remote transition
  • Stable and secure work-from-home arrangements
  • 400+ experienced employees
  • Varied team sizes: 5 to 70+ per client
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Enterprise risk management

  • Business continuity
  • Information security
  • Operational
  • Compliance
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Security and 

  • ISO certified
  • Australian Privacy Law & GDPR
  • Cybersecurity
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Deeper in the 
value chains

  • Business Re-engineering
  • Bespoke engagement model
  • Industry agnostic solutions &
    a diverse client portfolio
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Cost benefits

  • Offshoring cost benefits: 40-50%
  • Fully loaded seat cost with no other costs
  • Productivity gains sharing

Engaging with Sundaram means an extended team for your business.

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