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How does voicemail or callback impact the customer service experience?

July 10th, 2019

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Keeping your customers happy is crucial to the success of any company. For business models that involve customers enquiring about services and products, it is even more critical. The quality of a company’s customer service plays a huge role in the overall customer experience with your brand. For many customers, this is the closest they will get to actually interacting with a representative of the brand. To streamline this experience, companies need to be aware of how to implement the best solutions when it comes to call-centre CX. 

The call centre experience

Not having a good relationship with customers is a common pitfall in many firms. There have been various advancements in technology when it comes to improving the call centre experience such as AI, machine learning or live chat. While these solutions help improve engagement with the customer, very often call centre managers to prefer basic functionalities such as voice-mail and call back. Call centre managers need to be aware of how they can use these fundamental tools to their advantage. 

Why are call-backs great for improving customer experience?

All companies aim to provide a frictionless and efficient customer service experience. A call-back is a great way to keep customers satisfied as the very act of a call-back ensures convenience. This is better than using voice automation and keeping the customer on hold for an indefinite period of time. This improves the customer’s perception of the call centre and, by extension, the brand. 

Here are a few reasons why call-backs and voicemails are an excellent option:

1. A great customer experience

When customers have the option to request a callback, they can be assured that their problems will be resolved in due time. It is especially beneficial during the busy season and periods of high traffic as customers can go about their work and not waste time remaining on hold. Alternatively, voicemails help improve the customer experience as it allows them to communicate their issue immediately. This way the call centre operator already has a good understanding of the issue before they call the customer back.

2. They help keep track of data

One of the most important functions of a call centre is to keep track of important data pertaining to incoming and outgoing calls. This data helps ensure that service goals are met and that the centre has enough operators to answer customer queries. Using callbacks means the centre can keep track of statistics as the customer will be treated as on-hold until they are called back and the issue is resolved.

3. They avoid multiple calls

When a customer faces a pressing issue, they are likely to call more than once to get their queries solved. The constant calls can affect the call centre CX as the customer will become impatient and irritated. To avoid this situation, a callback will ensure that the customer does not have to reach out to the company more than once. Once they request a callback, the customer can be assured that the company will return their call.

4. Reduce costs

Without a callback or voicemail option, callers are left on hold for an extended period of time which can often lead to an irate end customer. Even though the phone lines are not engaged at this time, the centre is still being billed. Therefore, having a callback option or leaving a voicemail reduces the amount of time that the customer has to stay on the call and also allows for more accurate billing costs

How can a business enhance the customer service experience with voicemail

Customers today are more demanding than ever and their dissatisfaction about your product or service can have a negative impact on the credibility of the company. However, if your company is able to get the basics of the call centre experience right, they can enhance their service to ensure brand loyalty. Here are a few ways to do this:

1. Keep the information in the voicemail updated

The best way to keep your customers engaged and improve the CX is to constantly change up the voicemail to make it worth listening to. Instead of using a generic auto-response email, it would be better to add a human element to the voicemail as this can be more engaging and benefit the customer relationship with the business. The voicemail should also contain updated information regarding the business hours or any changes to the services provided. The message needs to be short and informative.

2. Provide useful and important information via voicemail

Sometimes, new customers may call to inquire about services and may be sent straight to voicemail if the lines are busy or if they call outside the hours of operation. Either way, the voicemail needs to be informative and provide the most sought after information. This could be the hours of operation or the main services offered by the company. It could also be a list of answers to frequently asked questions. Providing this information is beneficial to businesses to keep their customers engaged even outside the hours of operation.

3. It can be used to receive feedback and promote

Voicemails are a useful tool that helps companies receive feedback on a product or service. This is an effective and simple way because the customer only has to click a few buttons to record their answers. This could be simple questions like ‘how would you rate our product or service?’.

Alternatively, a company can use their voicemail to inform customers about their new products and services and current promotions and deals. The message needs to be short and concise as customers will not be interested in the message if it is too lengthy. This way, customers that are directed to voicemail may show an interest in your products and services.

Voicemail and callback are fundamental tools of customer service and have proven to be effective ways to communicate with the customer despite the introduction of new technologies. They are a great way to maintain CX while maximising customer satisfaction

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