Efficient, scalable accounting services, tailor-made for the needs of the hospitality industry


SBS provides back-office support in areas that are critical to the day to day functioning of hospitality set up such as credit recovery, keeping the ageing under permissible limits and close books every month within 5 working days to name a few. Our rich experience of over 7 years working with hotels, be it a 500 room star hotel, resort-style hotels or smaller resort-style hotels with 5-10 rooms has helped us understand the pain areas and ways to mitigate the pain that is uniquely specific only to the hospitality sector. SBS is also very proficient in managing a large number of corporate occupancies, provide after-hours support with income audit, generate daily revenue report before the next day’s business hours and resolve guest queries through e-mail and calls. Our Hospitality, Reservation to Reporting Solution is a testament to the best practices that we have put in place.

We understand the culture, the work ethic and the spirit of the hotel business. Our journey over the years has many milestones, learnings and process improvements and we are constantly finding better ways to work, be it automating regular tasks or even going above and beyond to make sure the client has no backlogs.

Our service

  • Provide support with credit recovery and help keep the aging under permissible limits
  • Help close books every month within 5 working days
  • Manage large number of corporate occupancies
  • Provide after-hours support with income audit and generate daily revenue report before the next day's business hours
  • Resolve guest queries through e-mail and calls

Support we provide

  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Income Audit
  • Month-end
  • Payrolln
  • Reservationsn


  • 7+ years of expertise in providing back office support for upscale 5 star property in Australia
  • Helped manage over 1500+ vendors across the globe ensuring timely payments and communication
  • Provided an efficient extended back office model with three decision makers in the property and rest of finance team housed offshore

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How SBS improved quality and implemented data security standards for lending back office support for a captive NBFC/MNC in India

Our process-driven reservations back office streamlined employee turnover and managed surge reservations loads of up to 120 per day.

  • Record to
  • Payroll
  • Customer Lifecycle

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