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Periods of rapid growth can tie up human and financial resources at the expense of the business’ core activities. For clients to expand their business model and move to the next level, the overhead costs of operations to take on more work can be a big deterrent and create inefficiencies in their business model. Over the years, SBS has helped many of its clients build high-performing offshore teams and as a result, have helped its clients increase their capacity to take on new customers without having to expand their infrastructure.



Beginning with the Business Process Study that identifies the organization’s non core and transactional work, SBS Streamlines operations management through:

  • Availability of a large pool of 400+ skilled employees who can be leveraged to manage attrition and sustainability of the engagement and ensuring the throughput for the client remains unaffected
  • Documented form of processes – standard operating procedures functioning as a repository of knowledge when resources exit the system
  • Ability to create bespoke processes that mirror clients’ process requirements using best practices or follow standardised business processes of SBS



Productivity benefits – Average of 25% productivity benefits in a three year period – more volume handled with reduced people over time

Cost benefits – Offshoring engagements result in cost benefits of 40-50%

Softdox, our cloud-based, process automation workflow that manages your business processes from beginning to end. Building on the synergies between our IT and BPO practices for over 100 clients, Softdox, is the outcome of 5 years of our experience in financial process outsourcing

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