SoftDox - Workflow

SoftDox is a cloud-based dynamic workflow manager developed in-house by Sundaram Business Services to improve operational productivity. The application was built based on 15 years of business process services experience in handling over 100 clients.

The dynamic nature of SoftDox allows workflow of any business activities across the different industry to configure with minimum set-up time and effort. It acts as a document manager which can store, transmit, notify and retrieve data, documents of the business across different locations and by different users.

We can host the workflow manager on:

server Public Cloud Server
server Private Cloud Server

The workflow manager has automated functionality inbuilt in the system, such as:

server Rule-based decision-maker allows the system to route a document/task to a specific user or perform a particular action based on pre-configured business rules.
server Optical character recognition (OCR) function extracts information from photo and images thereby reducing the effort of users and also increase the accuracy of information.
server Document creator helps to generate PDF document using the information recorded in the system based on the pre-configured templates.
server User-level access allows users to access only the segments which are configured for their level.

The workflow manager can track the time spent by the user at the task level, providing complete transparency and visibility on time spent by user or time clocked for a project across different tasks. It has the capability of being extended to vendors and other external parties to scan and upload data & supporting documents on the go, thereby creating co-working platform with external agents.

The application also facilitates to gather a large amount of information and stores for next-level of analysis. The data stored in the system can be integrated into visualisation software to create reports as needed. It has integration ability and can seamlessly integrate with most of the cloud-based application and act as a wrap-around on your existing software.

Sample Workflow for Finance and Accounting:


Define your workflow:

Users can customise the workflow manager to suit their business activities need.

Below is the sample chart explaining the invoice approval process; the typical tasks involved before approval of a document and functions performed by different stakeholders within the workflow manager.