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Top 9 Productivity Apps for Accountants to Make Every Second Count

September 12th, 2018

Top productivity apps

With only 24 hours in a day, sometimes it can feel like you simply don’t have enough time to get everything done. Commitments from your work life and personal life, appointments and meetings often pile up and feel overwhelming. It can be all too easy for certain things to fall through the cracks, sometimes with serious consequences. As an accountant, even the most minute details can be of major significance. But staying on track with everything can pose a challenge if you have a number of responsibilities clamouring for your attention. This is where a good productivity app can make all the difference. Productivity apps take all the stress out of organising, making sure you stay on top of your day. Here are some of the most popular productivity apps that should be on your phone!


Making to-do lists on paper isn’t always practical. You might not have a pen and paper on hand and it’s easy to misplace loose bits of paper. But if there’s one thing you are certain to have on you at all times, it’s your phone. is an app that helps you take your to-do lists one level higher. It lets you organise your lists under different categories (eg. Groceries, Work), set reminders and even share your lists with others. also makes it easier for you to add items to your list as it can work through voice commands.



Todoist is another app that lets you create to-do lists in a more efficient way. If you tend to work with teams and need a way to coordinate with them, this app will work best for you. It allows you to assign specific tasks to other people, helping your team become more efficient. Todoist also lets you set reminders in a unique way. You can type in a task to be done the same way that you would write an informal text and Todoist will set a reminder for you. For example, you can write, ‘I need to call a client at 4 pm tomorrow’ and Todoist will set a notification for ‘Call client’ at 4 pm.



focus app

If you have trouble focusing on the job at hand because of other distractions, Focus can help you be your most productive self. This app uses the ‘Pomodoro Technique’ a time management skill that breaks work down into short sessions of 25 minutes. Focus starts a timer for 25 minutes, during which time you have to get as much work done as possible. After a 25 minute session, you can take a short break of around 5 minutes and start again. After 4 of these sessions, the app reminds you to take a 20-minute break and recharge. Working this way has been scientifically proven to help individuals become more efficient and avoid distractions.



As an accountant, you might be required to track every minute of your work. Without the right app to help you do this, recording all the work you do in a day can be very difficult. Hours is an app that offers you a simpler way of tracking your day. This app allows you to track time spent on a certain task or on a client. You can also set notifications and reminders to help you remember things that need to be done. Hours collates all the data you have provided and uses it to present a visual timeline of your day. This can help you understand how well you are managing your time and if there are any steps you can take to optimise it.



Can you do your part for the environment just by becoming more productive? With Forest, you can! Forest gives users a greater incentive for being more productive by actually rewarding them for it. When you turn on the app and start working, trees begin to grow on the app. If you are using it for a group project, trees will begin to grow only when everyone who has been added to the group is working. As you grow more virtual trees, you start collecting gold coins. These coins can eventually be cashed in to grow actual trees by the organisation, Trees for the Future!



If your inbox is typically flooded with emails, staying on top of all of them can be close to impossible. With high-priority and time-sensitive emails, forgetting to read and reply to them can have serious consequences. Astro is an email assistant that can help organise your inbox better. It automatically hides emails that are detected as clutter, prioritises important emails and includes reminders to follow-up on certain emails. It can also sync with your calendar so you don’t miss important meetings and events.



If there’s one gadget that an accountant can’t do without, it would be a calculator. While calculator technology has more or less peaked already, Calzy is an app that revamps your basic calculator. Calzy can store previous calculations and data entered, allowing you to copy data entered in the past and use them for new calculations. You can even save calculations by adding a date and name, allowing you to use them for future reference. Calzy is available in both a basic and scientific mode, making it the only calculator you will ever need.



A productive day starts with an early morning! If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, Kiwake could turn your life around. This app can make a morning person out of even the most ardent night owl. With Kiwake, turning off your alarm isn’t as easy as hitting the snooze button. The app requires you to take a picture of an object the previous night. To turn the alarm off the next morning, you need to take a picture of the same object. This small exercise gets you out of bed and makes it easier to avoid going back to sleep. Kiwake also lets you set tasks lists, so you can remind yourself about everything that needs to be done and jumpstart your day.



Migrating to a cloud-based storage system is essential for all accounting firms. It helps you track projects in real-time, protect documents and work remotely. If you already store all your data on the cloud, Documents can help you organise your files better. This app automatically syncs new files and folder to your cloud. You can also read and edit files on it. Documents is especially useful for iPhone users as it can open almost any file format, even ones that aren’t supported on iOS.

With these productivity apps, you can ensure that you make the most out of every minute of your day!

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