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At Sundaram, we have refined our service delivery pillars to work seamlessly for our clients. Our established pillars ensure that our tried and tested model goes beyond simply business outsourcing. Engaging with Sundaram means an extended team for your business.
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Sundaram’s service 
delivery pillars


Resourcing and scale, Performance management, Centre of Excellence

  • We have a pool of 400+ graduates with experience working with Australian clients - rigorously tested and interviewed to ensure Sundaram has the pick of the crop.
  • Your business will benefit from working with our educated, skilled, well-rounded, proactive professionals, who continue their professional development at Sundaram’s Centre of Excellence.
  • We guarantee minimum productive hours for your dedicated FTE team members that you can scale up as necessary. You’ll come to form long-term partnerships with this extension of your team.
  • Sundaram’s investment in on-boarding, training and retention is backed up by our well-documented standard operating procedures, multi-layered supervision model, defined key results areas, and diligent performance management.


5D transition model, BREW and continuous improvement, Compliance and control, Innovation and technology

  • 5D transition model: over 20+ years, we have refined the transition for businesses engaging Sundaram Business Services as their bespoke extended office solution. We have the capability for remote transition, as well as on-site transition
  • Continuous improvement: under a structured problem-solving approach we call Business Re-engineering Workshops
  • Rigorous compliance and control: a well-defined Information Security Management System (ISMS) compliant with ISO 27001:2013 to protect the security and confidentiality of our customers’ data; Australian Privacy Principles compliance; GDPR compliance; a Modern Slavery policy; state-of-the-art prevention against cyber attack.
  • Innovation and technology: We offer industry-agnostic business process solutions for our cross-industry clients in financial services, retail, wine, hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing, therapeutics, consultancy, property and more. Working across our client's diverse software platforms, we have the experience and expertise to bring best practices to the table.


Ease of engagement, governance and relationships, risk management

  • Ease of engagement: You’ll be thoroughly supported from your initial inquiry, our first face-to-face contact and subsequent engagement, right through to our long-term partnership that will entail the ability to scale-up and value-add. Well-documented systems, ongoing support and continuous improvement are hallmarks of our approach.
  • Governance and relationships: We work collaboratively with our customers, as an extension of their team. Our well-designed customer engagement model and customer satisfaction mechanism includes regular in-depth feedback, analysis, troubleshooting and seeking out opportunities for improvement.
  • Risk management: We constantly monitor, assess and manage risk for business continuity, information security, operations and compliance.
Sundaram’s unique engagement model ensures a seamless transition to your business revolution
Work with us
Portfolio Management Outsourcing

Extended office support

Bespoke, scalable business outsourcing solutions

For 20+ years, Sundaram Business Services has been servicing a diverse clientele across a range of industries.

Under our extended office model, we work with our clients to build high-performing offshore teams - allowing them to achieve business growth by increasing capacity, taking on new customers, and scaling on demand, without having to expand their infrastructure.

Our established customer engagement model maps the customer journey: from understanding your needs, documenting the commitment and agreeing on the degree of engagement. Regular face-to-face meetings ensure we understand any concerns and proactively explore further opportunities to partner and scale.

Sundaram Business Services offers:

  • a bespoke, scalable engagement
  • deep domain expertise
  • hands-on experience
  • a dynamic structure so we can quickly adapt to meet the changing needs of your business
  • flexible solutions
  • a strong record of results.

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