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7 Ways to create a productive and positive work culture

October 3rd, 2018

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If an organisation is a pot, then happy employees are the clay that moulds it together. In today’s fast-paced digital world, companies often focus on goals and revenues, forgetting their employees in the process. However, an organisation fuelled by a passionate team of professionals shows guaranteed progress due to the strong supportive network created by the values imbibed. Let’s take a look at the effective approaches that foster a productive and positive work culture in your company to help you grow with your team.

1. Practice a flat hierarchy

With developments like Artificial Intelligence changing the way leaders perform, soft skills are becoming more important than technical knowledge alone.  The idea of being a single team working towards the common goal of taking the organisation to towering heights comes out when you sit together as one. A strong hierarchical structure defined with glass walls and doors will only make your employees feel intimidated and curb their zest to perform. Instead, embrace the “no-door” policy at your firm and work shoulder-to-shoulder with no boundaries that separate the management from the employees. Your employees should be able to open up to you about any issues they are facing, and this will only happen if you practice a people-first approach at work.

For instance, if you feel a team member is facing issues in reaching their goals, speak to them about it and find out what they are interested in. Give them the space to explore their abilities and provide them with a role that fits their skills. This can only happen if you sit with them instead of in an isolated personal cabin.

2. Foster a common goal

Maintain a transparent relationship with your employees by keeping them informed and updated about the short-term and long-term goals of the organisation. This way, they will focus on how their work impacts the organisation as a whole and not just see it as a task to complete by the end of the day or month. A transparent work culture also encourages employees to take ownership of their work and see themselves as stakeholders of the company and not just a passing cloud.

It is also a great idea to extend the transparency you maintain with a client into the relationship you share with your employees. This shows that you value your employees as much as you value your clients which will pave the way to a positive work culture.

3. Encourage team activities

Meeting outside the workplace is one of the best ways to improve employee relationships which will, in turn, help in team bonding and inculcate a positive work culture. Whether it is a team-building activity at a beach resort or a day at an amusement park, co-workers tend to bring their guards down in lively outdoor scenarios which helps them bond as individuals rather than professionals.

At Sundaram Business Services, we celebrate “Talent Day” to encourage our employees to step out of their shells and bring out that side of their personalities that don’t generally come out on a typical workday. This helps plays a big role in team bonding and ultimately creating a positive work culture that promotes creativity and growth.

4. Focus on employee relationships

A happy employee is not just one who loves his job but one who loves his team as well. In order to create a productive and positive work culture, it is important to ensure that your employees share a special bond of friendship and mutual respect for one another. If any conflicts arise due to unfortunate circumstances, make sure the management goes the extra mile in resolving it with open-minded discussions to arrive at a feasible conclusion.

5. Show your appreciation

As the saying goes, actions speak more than words – and your workplace is no exception to this. Showering your employees with perks and other forms of appreciation will only encourage them to perform better. ‘Perks’ here are not all about salary hikes and increments. You can also acknowledge their hard work with simple initiatives like a well-stocked snacks counter at work or an easy leave policy that complements their work pattern. These actions won’t create a huge impact on your accounts but will go a long way in terms of employee benefits.

6. Invest in your employees

Make your employees feel empowered and encouraged by investing in them. One of the ways accounting firms can prepare for the gig economy is by helping their employees adapt to new roles. As lower-value work will most likely get outsourced to freelancers and external companies, a company’s employees need to be prepared to take on higher-value advisory roles.  Prepare them for this by setting up training sessions and workshops to sharpen their skill sets which will, in turn, reflect in their work. Well-trained employees will also rise to be great leaders in your organisation as they have climbed the corporate ladder themselves. They will be familiar with the challenges their subordinates face and provide effective solutions to handle them, just like how they did. Investing in your employees also gives out the message that you value the relationship you share with your team over monetary gains.

7. Stick to office hours

Encourage your employees to stick to working hours and maintain a good work-life balance.
This will give them a good break from office work and trigger their creativity even more. Exhausted employees end up straining themselves and may not be able to work to their full potential. By striking a good work-life balance, employees will get enough time to spend with their friends and family and get a well-deserved break to spring back up to work mode the next morning. This way, they will also look forward to going to work, which is one of the biggest signs of a productive and positive work culture.

For instance, at Sundaram Business Services, we celebrate Family Day on an annual basis. The families of our employees get a sneak peek into what their loved ones do for a living and get in touch with the extended family they have created at Sundaram. This creates a strong bond of empathy and trust with the team which plays a huge role in promoting a positive work culture.

Follow these effective strategies to create a nurturing, positive and productive environment in the workplace and push employees to bring out their full potential. At Sundaram Business Services, we aren’t just a company; we are a team working together towards a common goal. We work together to grow personally and professionally, in an environment that fosters exactly that!

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