AHEAD OF THE CURVE Sometime in early March, even before COVID was declared a pandemic SBS had begun taking the necessary precautions for the safety of our employees and had meticulously implemented the work from home (WFH) model to ensure business continuity of our operations, without any major glitches.

As the new normal has now given way into next normal, SBS is successfully supporting the daily activities of clients who approved WFH and remodelled our solutions and the delivery models to seamlessly adapt to this new way of working.


Proactive measures had been put in place to ensure the safety of our workforce and reiterate our strong commitment to our clients.

Precautionary measures at SBS, Chennai in March


precautionary measures


Business Continuity Plan – Work-From-Home


Phase 1 – Critical process service recovery – Here the objective was to make sure critical processes are covered under the first phase of WFH and ensure that there was no impact on the deliverables

Phase 2 – Expanded WFH– depending on measures enforced by the government


How we gained customer confidence

  • Laid down the SBS Information Security Practices to be adhered to while WFH to instil a sense of discipline for the employees and set expectations for clients
  • The infrastructure provided for WFH mimicked the infra available in SBS offices
  • Secure VPN connectivity to servers and applications, technology infrastructure that adhere to compliance requirements to ensure security of its operations
  • Additional solutions such as MS teams and Zoom needed to augment people to have team collaborations and virtual client meetings
  • What keeps us going – Customer feedback

    Customer feedback


    We are, because of our workforce

    Making belonging matter, the past few months have made us realize that much more than belonging to the SBS Community, it is about doing something together at SBS that makes belonging matter. So, physical distancing threw up a virtual blessing in the form of Virtual Employee Engagements that  attempt to bridge the gap that this pandemic created!

    Virtual engagement


    Rewards and Recognition (R&R) program

    Recognizing the star performers has been a practice at SBS through monthly R&Rs. Now more than ever, timely recognition is relevant as many employees have had to change their working hours to accommodate for at-home schedules. Our HR team along with all stakeholders have continued this practice via a virtual R&R and ensured that the star performers are duly recognized.

    Not only has this been a huge motivator, it makes the employees feel less disengaged and a part of connected digital community that thrives with recognition.


    Realigning to the new normal – Tales of Spirit

    Our ongoing series on tales spirit captures how our employees are coping with the new normal of working from home.

    employee writeup


    Remodelled Solutions for the next normal

    Read how we have introduced flexible working models, accelerated remote transitions and automation solutions to support the short term needs of all the stakeholders we are engaged with.