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Sundaram Circle Event Melbourne

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"Be good, get good and stay good."

After a forced hiatus, Sundaram Circle is back, and we can't be more pleased to resume in-person gatherings. So it was only fitting to restart our series of events with Simon Madden, whose business career has included work in sales, marketing, media and information technology industries. Helping organisations achieve their goals, his success mantra is simple - Improve your people, improve your business.

Lunch at Kisume in Melbourne had heads of finance, technology, IT representing diverse industries such as Real Estate, Investment Management, Manufacturing, Transportation, Consumer Goods, Education, Entertainment, PR, Information Technology & Services & Management Consulting. The diverse clientele provided a perfect mix for Simon to share his thoughts on what it takes for an organisation to sustain itself in the long run. A gifted storyteller, Simons's presentation was highly engaging. He seamlessly weaved in stories to bring home the underlying message – that the key to an organisation's "Sustainable High Performance" involves aligning individual and organisational goals for mutual benefit. His insights from years in business, education, and elite sport made his expertise extremely valuable, and the audience listened with rapt attention.

Harish from Sundaram Business Services presented SBS' capabilities as a Business Transformation Partner and undertaking a Business Process Assessment (BPA) to optimise business processes - what can be automated and outsourced using alternative models. Business leaders can now make an informed choice – the choice to make their processes future-ready. Such organisations provide opportunities for employees to explore their true potential and make more productive employees. Be good, get good and therefore stay good.

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