A leading chain of retail stores addressed workforce issues and equipped to handle the surge in volume with SBS’s expertise.


Our client is a chain of retail stores focused in gourmet food and has multiple stores in metro cities. They also operate an online grocery store and mobile app platform which caters to multiple cities across India.


The client launched e-commerce sales as a Channel along with Piloting Customer Service on Outsourced mode. Besides outsourcing for the first time, they had challenges such as:

  • Workforce concern to manage Call Volumes
  • Handling surges in Call Volume
  • Lack of Quality metrics


SBS combined Technology, Process Efficiency & Business Insights to overcome the challenges – following are the key drivers to make it into a Robust and Efficient Customer Service Process – from a pilot mode to a 27+ month steady-state and a One Point Contact for Client Store Outlet as well as End-Customer:

  • Implementation of Ticketing Module in CRM that is aligned to the client’s business model
  • Implementation of logic in CRM for attempting the customers on real-time basis for the calls which get abandoned
  • CRM tool for monitoring team performances. Eg. Real-Time monitoring of call queue
  • Post Service Feedback activity (PSF) & Complaint management activity (NPSF) for client
  • Handle every inbound complaint and query
  • Assisting end-Customers in Order Fulfilment (beyond the Scope of Process Outline)
  • Coordinating with Client Store Outlets on Order Updates, Complaint Management, Query Management
  • Enforcing Must-do activities by Team Leaders and Quality team to continuously improve Call Quality. Eg. (Live Barging, Monitoring Agent alongside, Call Audit)
  • Repository of MIS, Online Dashboards, 100% Call recordings


  • Consistently maintaining
  • ACHT of 02:45 Minutes
  • Process Quality above 90%
  • 100% Process Compliance
  • 100% of customer emails responded within 12 hours (against SLA of 95%)
  • 56% Repeat customers due to effective complaint resolution
  • Optimal Agent utilisation – Agent headcount got doubled (from Pilot phase) even though number of Client Stores got tripled
  • 100% adherence to Client Certification (Product Knowledge & Communication skills