Reduced Turnaround Time and Improved Process Efficiency for a Leading Player in the Water Treatment Industry


World’s leading company in water treatment - for municipal and industrial users.

Some of their services include:
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Sea and brackish water desalination
  • Industrial and municipal wastewater treatment
  • Sludge treatment


The client witnessed a massive surge in invoice volume, and they didn’t have the time or resources to handle them. This forced the client to face:

  • Too many errors
  • Unable to trace an error
  • High TAT

They also found it difficult following-up on travel reimbursement from all 7 Regional offices.


  • A task force of a dedicated Account Manager and a team of experienced full-time employees were deputed to manage the Process
  • Softdox*, the in-house process-automation-platform was implemented and used by all stakeholders of Payables team – across Corporate & 7 Regional Offices
  • SBS Team Leader played pivot role connecting to multiple stakeholders for Clarifications, Approvals and Follow up
  • Status of Invoice-Processing was diligently emailed to all Stakeholders at agreed intervals
  • SBS showed high flexibility in aligning to client’s volume surges


By outsourcing the AP Process to SBS, the client was able to:

  • Get clear visibility of Invoice-Processing-Status through a centralized tracker
  • TAT reduced from more than 3 days to 1 day
  • Softdox* enabled documented Approval Process
    • SBS team (intrinsic to the Process) approving L2 level of Employee Reimbursements from Corporate Office & all Regional Offices
    • Increase operating efficiency and reduce administrative costs
    • Free up client management time from non-transactional activities
  • Sludge treatment

The following statistics will show how SBS made tremendous improvements in maintaining 100% TAT for the client

A particular set of vendors submit about 250 invoices towards the month-end, which has TAT of the same day.