Smart choice for SMSF processing

A leading accounting and business advisory firm achieved an 80% reduction in workload by engaging Sundaram for routine SMSF administration.


Client doubled no. of funds managed


Reduction in client’s workload


Complete on-call support


Sundaram team members for flexible scalability
The challenge

Traditional model prevents growth and ability to scale

Sundaram’s client has offices across Australia, as well as 100+ partners and 1,200+ staff members. They offer wealth management services, catering mainly to SMEs, as well as SMSF management and compliance.

Their staff are hardworking, high-achieving accountants and business advisory experts who had been bogged down with routine tasks. The firm was having difficulty recruiting skilled and trained staff members; further, ad hoc hiring was expensive and inefficient. Staff were working overtime to meet deadlines. They were missing opportunities to keep up with changes affecting their work practices and, most importantly, the time to nurture their existing client base.

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The approach

Sundaram’s team of experts at the ready

It was immediately apparent that our client would benefit from Sundaram’s flexible staffing model. It was essential that our client could quickly scale up their workforce - fully qualified administration staff with specialist training would be required. Sundaram’s approach:

  • offsite back-office team in India, now an extension of the Australian office
  • qualified staff onsite for short-term engagements
  • at peak periods, an expert team to deploy across office locations
  • a specialist team delivering both SMSF administration and SMSF audit.

Sundaram supported our client with:

  • 360° on-call support
  • a fully secure environment, including password management protocols and ISO 27001:2013 compliant information security management system
  • Standard Operating Procedures, continually reviewed for industry best practice.
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The impact

Scalable workforce results in huge workload reduction

Sundaram worked with our client to ensure that the secure transition to the new operating system was completely seamless. With Sundaram’s flexible back-office model, as well as a team of professionals who could work from our client’s local offices, the workplace transformation was a resounding success.

The result? An 80% reduction in the amount of work related to accounts preparation - freeing up resources so that our client’s accountants and business advisors could focus on high-value, client-facing activities. Ultimately, they doubled the number of funds under administration, taking on more work while simultaneously creating significant cost savings.

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