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Sundaram Business Services has been working with Mortgage brokers, aggregators & lenders offeringan end-to-end solution right from processing the initial application through discharge of mortgage from the relevant authority. Our comprehensive suite of services supports them with all aspects of loan processing, daily lender updates, commissions management, NCCP Compliance and management reporting to name a few. Mortgage companies who have worked with us have lowered their processing costs by up to 35% through the use of value and workflow analyses; they have improved process controls, reduced turnaround time and benefited from timely reporting, thereby allowing managers the time to focus on their core business of lending, aggregation, mortgage business development. We presently handle close to 3,500 tasks, related to pre-credit, processing, discharge & variations, monthly and assist firms with broker accreditation and lender updates.

Our service

  • For brokers: SBS provides support right from application processing through settlement of loan with communication at every stage
  • Application processing
  • Submission with lenders
  • Sort/send supporting documents to lenders
  • Track commission
  • Compliance & document management
  • For aggregators: SBS supports with onboarding the brokers and managing processing of their commissions
  • Broker accreditations
  • Update lender product specifics.
  • Broker compliance
  • Broker commission processing
  • For lenders, SBS provides support in analyzing their product and highlighting it on the portal appropriately

Support we provide

  • Broker Support
  • Application Processing
  • Submission to Lenders
  • Commission Tracking
  • Compliance and Document Management
  • Aggregator Supportt
  • Broker Accreditations
  • Lender Product Updating
  • Broker Compliance
  • Broker Commission Processing
  • Mortgage Manager Support
  • Pre-Credit
  • Application Processing
  • Discharge Handling
  • Commissions and Accounts Payable
  • Asset/Consumer Finance
  • Credit Analysis
  • Settlements
  • Contract Management
  • Collections & Defaults


  • Over 8+ years of rich expertise in the mortgage industry and process driven work force
  • Mortgage solutions that are customized to clients’ specific requirements and processes
  • Expertise in application data capture, property lending software applications, loan settlement & quality checks
  • Same day TAT (turn-around-time) for seamless decision processing
  • Specialised workforce to handle variations, discharge & customer support
  • Service Level Agreements to ensure quality and timelines
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How SBS improved quality and implemented data security standards for lending back office support for a captive NBFC/MNC in India

Our process-driven reservations back office streamlined employee turnover and managed surge reservations loads of up to 120 per day.

  • Record to
  • Payroll
  • Customer Lifecycle

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