Business Re-engineering Workshop (BREW) is an interactive program for
business leaders and operations managers, focused on improving process
efficiency & effectiveness and aligning operations to core competencies.


Sundaram Business Services’ BREW (Business Reengineering Workshop) is a focused workshop for senior management and mid-senior management executives which helps in streamlining goals and improves process efficiency. One of the unique features of the workshop is exploration of non-core activities handled by the operations team. The exploration transforms the process by aligning the operations towards core activities while re-aligning non-core activities. Process improvement allows the organization to function at its peak and also allows managers to spend lesser time fighting fires and enough time preventing them. The workshop helps you define, plan and implement improvements and optimize your daily management activities.

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BREW is an interactive-program for business leaders and managers, focused on:

  • Improving process efficiency & effectiveness
  • Aligning operations to core competencies
  • While BREW has multiple options starting from a 3 day to a 10 day workshop, it primarily helps you to benchmark your current processes against best practices and look for improvement and outsourcing opportunities. It helps address your concerns around high variation in the performance, repeatability and scalability of your business processes and helps you take more data driven business decisions
  • The re-engineered process allows the organization to function at its optimum. It empowers key resources to spend lesser time fighting fires and enables them to focus on operational excellence and supporting the business vision
  • Helped reduce process steps of a large firm from 303 to 144 #s
  • Reduced the non-value add based activities from 30% to 8%
  • Helped a mid-sized accounting firm redefine its process, org structure, roles and responsibilities of the accountants
  • Successfully create a viable offshoring model in India


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Our process-driven reservations back office streamlined employee turnover and managed surge reservations loads of up to 120 per day.

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  • Payroll
  • Customer Lifecycle

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